Today (yesterday?), Part II


I made a tiny piano out of paper maché while listening, incidentally, to Regina Spektor. I love her music, I love pianos and she uses a piano for almost every song! The piano is for my school project, where I should work much more on!
Anyway, here are some other pictures from yesterday, where I was at my grandparents :) And I’m afraid that in the next few weeks you’ll be seeing lots more pictures of the jars ;)
I also bought 12 rolls of film today, for only 9 euro all together! So I wanted to shoot a few shots with my old Fujica, a present of my mom, but the light meter is broken. I already loaded film in it, so I’ll use it anyway. The results will definitely be suprising now.




A book about me ;) (Title: “The strange girl”)

Crazy old man a.k.a. grandpa

This picture was taken at the same parc where my parents shot their weddingpictures! They were taken by a tree, but we couldn’t find the old one anymore :( I thought it was funny to recreate that picture, has been 25 years ago! I don’t have the old one online, shamefully enough.

I love taking cheesy pictures :P




  1. caitlinate
    July 28, 2009 / 04:37

    I really like the piano in the jar, it’s really cool. I think the shot composition works too.

  2. August 5, 2009 / 00:37

    Maar wat ga je doen met die leuke boekjes? Slopen? :(

  3. August 5, 2009 / 21:14

    Nee die boekjes zijn van mijn opa! Die verkoopt boeken op de markt, daar mag ik niet eens aankomen joh! :P

  4. Alicia
    August 30, 2009 / 23:10

    Je geeft me zin om ook zo’n gezellige kleine dingen te maken. Regina inspiratie ftw! :D
    (ik wil ook zo’n pianootje in een potje – zooo prachtig, een andere vorm van muziekdoosje <3)

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