Iceland III


I should really come up with some more creative titles. Anyway, on a grey, rainy day like this it feels like a good moment to talk about my last day in Iceland where it was bright and sunnny! Apparently the weather is the best in Autumn, more sunshine, less rain. But first, let me put on some Sigur Rós to get in the mood ;)

On the last day I had booked something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I wanted to go to Iceland (which is a long time). And that is horse riding, on an Icelandic horse (if you call them ponies I swear you’ll find yourself hunted by 10 Icelandic farmers with dangerously sharp pitchforks!) (okay maybe not) (but still, don’t ever call them ponies!) in Iceland. Most people are surprised when they hear this, but at the age 9 till 16 I was an avid horseback rider. Icelandic horses were actually one of my favourites, when I was really young I even had shirts and mugs with them on it (yes I was that kind of girl, no shame!).

Basically, it was a dream finally coming true. I had booked the tour on the last day, because that would be the only day left with good weather. It was little drizzly that morning, but it cleared up pretty soon. But 10 minutes before they were to pick me up, I was informed the tour was cancelled! At that point I realized it was quite stupid to book something like this on the last day, but I had seen pictures of the tour deep into snow and everything. I just couldn’t imagine it would be cancelled due to some light rain in the morning (apparently it was cancelled because there was too much wind?! Still weird because there’s always a LOT of wind in Iceland haha). But a very friendly lady at the reception desk at a hotel I wasn’t even staying at, helped me out and found another tour that could pick me up in 5 minutes! I was so relieved! The weather turned out to be beautiful and riding through the mountains during golden hour is one of my favourite things I have ever done, I think. It was absolutely beautiful and probably even better than the tour I had originally booked. I’m sometimes amazed at how things work out like this (I had not heard my phone, so they had to contact my pick up point and they had to find and inform me. If they hadn’t done that and I had picked up my phone, I would never have booked another tour on my own so last minute. It just wouldn’t have crossed my mind at that point!)

There were a lot of people that had never been on a horse, but the pace was sometimes quite fast so you have to be steady in the saddle at least a bit I guess! But most definitely a recommendation, if you at least like horses. Be prepared for horrendous saddle pain though, because the horses take quick, small steps. Ouch!

Anyway, enough of the boring story. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, as usual ;) Look at those fluffy beasties!


















This was the most magnificent sunset I’ve ever seen! Perfect ending to a fantastic trip!



  1. twannie von pfefferstrasse
    December 11, 2014 / 15:16

    OOOOOOohoOoooOOOoOOooOoOO !!!!! nu wil ik ook op een paardje! Wat een SCHITTERENDE foto’s! Binnenkort fotoshoot doen op noordpool oid? yes/yes?

    • Angélica
      December 12, 2014 / 13:56

      Met jou altijd Twannie! Noordpool klinkt als een prima plan (Y)

  2. Florine
    January 11, 2015 / 09:50

    Waaaaaaat een mooie foto’s :) Nu wil ik terug!

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