I ate too much meat today


I’ve been busy lately with my school assignment, but not really sure about it. I tdo like the pictures, but I just don’t think they’re good enough! They’re good enough on it’s own, I love them, but not for my assignment I think! I’m not sure yet :x I’ve been at my parents for more than 2 weeks now, but tomorrow I’ll be heading to my own city again! I’ll be babysitting a kitten (okay cat, kitten just sounds more cute ;)) from a friend, who’ll be leaving to Greece for about a month! That’s a long time, yes! My parents are so sweet to bring me there by car, since I have so much stuff to carry along: all those new books, new clothes, new bags, new cameras, my jars! And I’m also getting an extra closet, so I’ll have more space for my clothes! Yay :D I do hope my parents won’t collapse by seeing the mess that is my room D:
I also had my bankaccount verified at Paypal so I started buying things. First of all I’ve bought myself a Flickr Pro account, amazing! I love it, I also came across some really old photos, like these! It’s a bit embarrassing sometimes, but I’m too nostalgic to actually delete them :P
I’ve also made an account at Etsy, finally! I’ve bought some feather pads, which weren’t that expensive! I’m so excited, now I can make my own feather headbands very easily!! :D




I love this shirt :)

I have pink nails! :D

I love (braided) headbands! Also, my roots are showing, I know. Although I just saw “I’m Not There” and Coco inspired me to grow out my roots :)

Feather pads <3 I've bought one identical to the red one! Prettyyy <3


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