It’s been a while since I’ve posted here! I haven’t got that much to say, I’ve been busy with my school assignment (only a little week left!) & I’m just enjoying summer, going out with friends, sitting outside with my housemates till 1.30AM, taking lots of pictures, you know the drill ;) I’m also still babysitting the autistic cat, still haven’t touched her! That cat is kinda weird.. I’ve also started with the ‘no poo diet’, which sounds like I can’t poop or anything. Thank God it doesn’t have a thing to do with real poo! It basically means you’re not using shampoo anymore to wash your hair and just use lots of conditioner, with natural ingredients! My hair is already reaaaally greasy so I’m curious how long this ‘diet’ will last, but it’s interesting to try it out! Hopefully my hair will be less dead in a few weeks or so..
I’ve also started a ‘365 days project’ on Flickr, which means I’ll take a picture of myself everyday for a year! That way, I’ll always have to reinvent myself and will have a good excuse to take some lame selfportraits! I stayed up all night so I could take pictures at sunrise.. although they didn’t really turned out the way I wanted them to be.. I still like them! So here are some of them..



cliché, but whatever :P


Feather pads! <3 & some schoolstuff IMG_5579a



There are more at my Flickr :)



  1. August 13, 2009 / 18:56

    Het is toch dat jurkje niet dat je hebt gescheurd? ;_; Want het is zo amazing! En het is echt ultiem fab met dat gebloemd jasje erbij!

    Veel geluk met je school opdracht! Maar ik heb zo’n gevoel dat je er wel zal raken :D

  2. August 13, 2009 / 19:15

    Jawel het is die jurk! :( :( Ik ging er per ongeluk op zitten en verloor toen mijn evenwicht, waardoor ik soort van aan alle kanten aan de jurk trok ofzo whaha en toen is ie gescheurd :( Maar het is wel bij de naad, er is geen stof gescheurd maar enkel de eh.. naad? :P Het garen zeg maar, dus volgens mij is het wel te maken! Volgende week even mijn mama lief aan kijken :P

    & Ik weet het niet, ik weet het nooit met mijn leraren :P We’ll see!

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