De Parade @ Amsterdam


Lots of stuff have happened lately, but I’ll just keep it short! This Sunday I came back to my dormroom, with my parents helping me with a new closet! So now I have two closets for my clothes, that’s how bad my shopping addiction is ;) I’ve also cleaned up my entire room like crazy, I’m not even finished yet! Hopefully by tomorrow, it’s taking days! But it feels nice and fresh :) Anyway, I came back because I have to babysit a kittykat for a month. Right now I’m at the house of my friends (of the kittykat ;)), it’s really nice to be in a bigger house on your own! :D Although the cat’s very shy, I’ll try if I can take a picture of her this week ;)
On Monday I went to the Parade at Amsterdam, which is a theatre festival! Although we hardly saw any theatre, it was still really fun :) I took lots of pictures, it’s always fun to take pictures of other people!
Yesterday I had a photoshoot with Niqi and Richa. Niqi is a friend of mine who is a photographer, sometimes I ‘model’ for her. I think modelling is totally awkward and I kinda suck in it, lol. It’s really weird, I always feel ridiculous while taking a pose! Maybe it gets better if I’d do it more, idk. Anyway, it made me realise that I actually want to do that to: organizing photoshoots with models, not myself, not just random photographs like in this post, but a real shoot! Than I realised that I actually want to follow an education, to develop myself as a photographer! So right now I’m looking at parttime photography educations, I might follow one next year! Doing a parttime education will give me the chance to also work a few days, so I still have the money to pay for my rent and food ;) I’ll work a year first though, so I can save up the money for the education! I think it’s a really good idea :D
Anyway, now some random photos from the festival!





This is Niqi, by the way. Check out her website!


This makes me miss my long, red hair :(




Lol at his expression :P

We’re looking for this man! ;)


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