Copenhagen, an impression


Don’t let the dull title mislead you, I actually enjoyed Copenhagen a lot! I have never really wanted to visit Copenhagen though. I mean, I have not ever not wanted to visit it, but it wasn’t on my ‘to go to a.s.a.p. list’ either. I basically just went there because I had a few days off and a ticket to Copenhagen was less expensive than one to Edinburgh. I didn’t have any idea about Copenhagen, the only things I thought of were the mermaid and the colorful houses of Nyhavn. But I felt it was time to go somewhere new and explore Scandinavia a bit more (although not sure if Iceland and Denmark count as ‘truly Scandinavian’). And I did not regret it!

Copenhagen is small, which is perfect when you’re only there for 1 full day (and 2 half days). On the day I arrived, it was truly dreadful. The weather was cold, windy, grey and at one point it even started to rain. I normally don’t travel in spring/summer time, but I was very happy to have some daylight till 9/10, so I did quite some exploring. I was soaked and chilled to the bone though, and the pictures were are a little crappy thanks to all the rain on my camera. But I decided to stay optimistic! And that worked, because all the other days the weather was great, with plenty of sunshine and no rain at all. Yas!

What I liked most about Copenhagen? It’s hard to pinpoint one thing, but I definitely liked the friendly people, its compact size, all the well trained cyclists, all the stylish and handsome people, all the pretty (and too expensive) designer stores, the whole city basically breathed ‘design’ or ‘hipster’, at some points it reminded me of Berlin, it had this cool funky vibe. Pleasantly surprised!

I already did a ‘what to do in Copenhagen’ post, but thought it would be fun to do an old school ‘journal’ post with the leftover pictures. Hopefully it will show you a bit of the atmosphere and all. Blablabla. I suck at writing, let’s just take a look at the pictures ;)

















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