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I ate too much meat today

I’ve been busy lately with my school assignment, but not really sure about it. I tdo like the pictures, but I just don’t think they’re good enough! They’re good enough on it’s own, I love them, but not for my…


Insomnia is about to happen

I’ve been working on school today, but I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with the results. I do think the pictures look pretty, but I’m not sure if they’re good enough. The leaves in the jar are hardly visible… Oh…


Today (yesterday?), Part II

I made a tiny piano out of paper maché while listening, incidentally, to Regina Spektor. I love her music, I love pianos and she uses a piano for almost every song! The piano is for my school project, where I…


Today, part I

Today I went to a fleamarket, where I bought 6 illustrated childrenbooks! After that me and my parents went to my grandparents, where I took tons of pictures! I’ll post some more tomorrow. I’m actually really tired because we walked…


Just a few random photos

Felt a bit bored today so went outside to take some pictures for school, for my memory project! Found an abandoned school, I think, but it was closed so I couldn’t get inside, such a shame! Although through the windows…


I’ve got too much time on my hands

So yeah, when I get bored, I just take pictures ;) I don’t want to say that I’ve felt bored the last few days, but I definitely felt a need to create things! So I took tons of selfportraits, I…


Some schoolstuff

I hardly slept this week, just thinking and thinking things over. All of a sudden I came up with an idea for my assignment, so the next day I went to the thriftstore and bought all kinds of bottles. It’s…


I need some sleep

So, basically I’m annoyed with the colour of my hair (not white enough! too dark, too grey, too yellow? I don’t know anymore :o Needs more silvershampoo I guess!), bought a hat for 2 euros, cut my finger, took lots…


I’m feeling a bit nostalgic

Me being bored and feeling the need to do something creative, the usual stuff, you know ;) Futher than that I haven’t got anything to say. My housemate & some neighbours saw me taking the pictures, which was quiet awkward,…


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