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Some random stuff

-Today my new lens arrived, the picture above is taken with it! I love it so much, it’s so amazing. I love how sharp and crisp it is and aah, the bokeh! How I love bokeh! It’s a Sigma 30mm…



I should be posting more here, but I don’t really know which direction I want to go with this blog. I think I’ll just make it a bit of a mash up, with lots of eyecandy (that’s always a must,…


Autumn! :)

I’m trying to post more, now I have all the time again! It still feels so weird to be finished with school. This weekend is my first real weekend since.. 10 years or so? The first weekend without work or…



I GRADUATED!! Hallelujah ;) It took a loooong time but now it’s finally over! I am very, very tired right now, so that’s why I might not look that happy on that picture, but I am! It’s really weird though,…


Yes, I’m still alive!

Hello everyone, yes, as the title says so, I’m still alive! I haven’t posted in months! I didn’t even realize that it has been such a long time ago. So here’s a very short update (expect more and bigger ones…


359 days left!

The ‘365 days’ project is going well! I’m on the 6th day today, I took this picture for today! I went to the Ikea to buy some bookshelves and also bought this beautiful fabric. When I got home (quiet late)…



It’s been a while since I’ve posted here! I haven’t got that much to say, I’ve been busy with my school assignment (only a little week left!) & I’m just enjoying summer, going out with friends, sitting outside with my…


De Parade @ Amsterdam

Lots of stuff have happened lately, but I’ll just keep it short! This Sunday I came back to my dormroom, with my parents helping me with a new closet! So now I have two closets for my clothes, that’s how…


I ate too much meat today

I’ve been busy lately with my school assignment, but not really sure about it. I tdo like the pictures, but I just don’t think they’re good enough! They’re good enough on it’s own, I love them, but not for my…


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