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Some schoolstuff

I hardly slept this week, just thinking and thinking things over. All of a sudden I came up with an idea for my assignment, so the next day I went to the thriftstore and bought all kinds of bottles. It’s…


I need some sleep

So, basically I’m annoyed with the colour of my hair (not white enough! too dark, too grey, too yellow? I don’t know anymore :o Needs more silvershampoo I guess!), bought a hat for 2 euros, cut my finger, took lots…


I’m feeling a bit nostalgic

Me being bored and feeling the need to do something creative, the usual stuff, you know ;) Futher than that I haven’t got anything to say. My housemate & some neighbours saw me taking the pictures, which was quiet awkward,…


Last weekend

I have been at my parents this weekend, just taking a break from all the stress and emotions. Just chilling in the backyard ;) My mom wanted to take a picture of me but the composition of her pictures kinda…


My ‘failure’

Here’s a part of my exposition of my graduation assesments! Unfortunately, I didn’t pass :( So I have to remove it for the real exposition :( Such a shame, was so looking forward to the expo! Now I’ll probably graduate…