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Spring is here!

A cherry blossom tree nearby my house is in bloom and I couldn’t resist taking pictures! I just had to take a few selfportraits, if only for the pretty pink bokeh! I know, I’m kinda bokeh-addicted ;) It’s finally starting…


Happy Easter!

Hope you have a nice Easter! I love Easter, I love eastereggs and the chocolate bunnies! My mom still gets me one every year and it makes me happy like a little child :D Lately I’ve been quiet boring, besides…



My grandma gave me this fabric, it’s seriously decades old! It’s really retro and bright and 70’s, I love it! I’m thinking about making a dress out of it (there’s enough of it!), but what kind of dress? I’m thinking…


This week I celebrated my 22th birthday! Time really flies by, I’m not sure if I like it, though. I had a party with my friends, it was so much fun and I got so many presents! I could hardly…


Knitting, part II

What happened since the last post? Well I decided to get a haircut (my hair was growing out weird, not sure if I want longer hair anyway), knitted some more & basically got addicted to LOST! I always watched it…


Knitting, knitting, knitting!

Hello, I’m still alive! I hardly blog here anymore because there isn’t much going on lately. I hardly take pictures anymore and if I do, they’re mostly selfportraits. I hate blogging only selfportraits because that’s what’s Flickr for ;) So…


Winter part II

Here are some more photos from this week of snow! Yeah they are all edited differently and stuff, but they’re not a set so don’t sue me! :P It’s been almost a week full of snow, it’s ridiculous! All public…


Winter is finally here

Yes I’m still alive! I need to update this blog more often, but I honestly never know what to post. I do have tons of selfportraits that I could post, but I would feel a bit narcissistic :P But that…



Yesterday there was tons of fog the whole day. I was at my parents and really wanted to go outside and take some pictures, but had some family obligations. Fortunately, I got out just in time to take a few…


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