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Tons of books (and tons of pictures)

Today I went to my grandparents. My grandfather is a huge collector of books: he has two big sheds full of them! Books are his life, his passion, and he loves talking about them and shows me the most random…


Bright Star

From the first minute I watched that movie I KNEW I had to make a post about it! I really loved it and the cinematography is just so stunning. I made a few screencaps, and although the quality is crappy…


I started drawing again

As the title says, I started drawing again today. Most people think I graduated in Photography, but I didn’t! I studied Illustration but I hardly draw, or hardly post any drawings. I haven’t touched a pencil in about 9 months,…


A lot of random things

Well, at all good things comes an end! My most beloved polkadot headphones died, unfortunately (to be honest, they are really cute but they hurt my ears :P) so I had to buy new ones. Turns out that my camera’s…


Don’t wake me up I plan on sleeping

I promise you that this blog will soon wake up and that I’ll be active again! I just have a huge creativity block but as soon as it comes back I’ll show you! :) Meanwhile I’m looking for a new…



I haven’t blogged in forever! I actually have no idea why, probably because I just didn’t take many pictures the last few weeks! Also, nothing really happened. I really like my new job, I got a new haircut, went out,…


I have an addiction, yes.

I collect lots of things, I really am a collector. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of thrift-stores, I visit the ones in my area at least once a week and I’m a huge sucker for flea markets. However,…


The jacket

It seems like a lot of blogs are into fashion nowadays. People are even getting famous because of their fashion blog, it’s crazy! Anyway, I do not intend to get famous, but it seems like people are showing interest in…


N.E.E.T. Blog feature!

I’m proud to announce you that my blog is featured at the blog of one of my favourite online magazines, N.E.E.T. Magazine! There’s a little interview and some pictures from the blog, be sure to check it out, as well…


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