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I know it’s over

Yes, I’m still alive. I’ve been busy busy busy with work the last 7 weeks, but now high season is over, so I have a bit of spare time left again! I promise I’ll update more soon, specially now I…


Finished ^__^

So, I’ve finished my scarf! I really love it, it’s so pretty and thick and amazing. The colour is pretty in real life, more yellow, mustard yellow. It looks a bit orange in the picture but it’s not :) However,…


Thrift store findings & over edited pictures, hurray!

Today I had a day off and went to the thriftstore. There I found this Olympus Pen! (This and the other picture with cameras is edited with Toycamera Analogcolor, which is a little program I’ve recently discovered. It’s amazing :D)…


Mini update

Hello, I’m still alive but I haven’t been able to update the blog sooner. My life right now is all about work, and hardly about any fun! Although I do enjoy my days off, I don’t really do much, not…


A little dead bird and a pug t-shirt, yes really.

Today I finally had a day off, I spent the day reading and shopping. I bought an amazing pug t-shirt (people who know me, know how much I adore those little ugly creatures ;)) and way too much other stuff…


New headband and stuff

An update earlier than planned! Today I received my camera’s remote in the mail: superfast! I ordered it about a week ago, and it has already arrived, all the way from Hong Kong. It costs 3 euro, that is including…


I’m still here

I would like to inform you all that I’m still alive! However, the last couple of weeks it has been really, really hot and humid here in the Netherlands. It’s almost unbearable :( It’s not really the weather to take…



Look at me, I’m a polar bear: hear me roar! ;) That is the most warm and softest vest I own, I love it! It immediately reminded me of a polar bear. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to post a lot…


Changed my website!

I took this picture just to show off my good hairday, but really liked how it looked in black & white! I decided that it needed some text, but didn’t know what.. so eventually I put this on it and…


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