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An inspiration post! About blonde hair this time, because, who doesn’t love blonde hair? I know I do ;) I’ve decided that I want to try to grow my hair out so these pictures are also a little motivation to…


Olympus Pen EE-2

This time it’s the old analog Penny :) I took some pictures last week at my friend Niqi’s exhibition! Go check her website out, she’s an awesome photographer! Anyway, I took tons of pictures because once you start snapping you…


Little Red Dress

Forget the little black dress, it’s all about the little red dress! Black is way too boring anyway ;) Haven’t worn this dress in forever, since it was ripped, but now it is alive again. I do really love everything…


Old vs. new

My Olympus Pen has arrived! It’s so small and light, unbelievable. I’m really looking forward to using it, although I really have to get used to it. Also, I really miss having a F/1.something lens. We all know I’m addicted…


Thrifting like it’s nobody’s business!

So today I went thriftshopping with my mom and I bought so much that it’s worth an entire blogentry! Okay that’s not entirely true, there are still other things that I’ve bought at the thriftstore at my parents an other…


Yellow trenchcoats

Today was a foggy day. I always LOVE photographing fog so I got out and take pictures. I had to work today as well, so I really had to hurry. First I had to bike all the way to the…


Scatter like a billion spores

Somehow I keep finding dead birds, it’s so sad! However, they are somehow really beautiful to photograph. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t like finding dead birds, but I do think those fragile little things are somehow beautiful to…


My messy closets

My room is one big mess. I’m a real hamster, or hoarder even, collecting every single thing that I like and I never get rid of it! You’ll probably see me at the Dr. Phil show in 10 years or…


My summer was boring

So, I finally have the time to update more again. My summer was all about work, work, work! I have never worked so much in my entire life. Needless to say I got some nice money saved up and bought…


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