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Everyone hides who they are…

This week I went to Primark! The last time I went there they didn’t have that much.. but this time they had. Sooo many amazing things, wish I had more money so I could buy everything I’d like :( I…


I’ve knitted a hat!

I finally found a pattern that I actually understood AND where I didn’t need new needles to knit something different other than scarves. So I knitted a hat :) It’s a bit sloppy and not perfect but I do loooove…


Things I Love Tuesday

Freshly bleached hair! The beautiful red tree when I look outside my window. Nice scents for my little oil burner. Cheap (literally) and trashy orange nailpolish! Facial masks and Hello Kitty hairclips. Tea


Ask me anything ;)

Although it’s not winter yet, it’s dark really soon already. And when it’s dark, I don’t feel like doing much besides watching tv, drinking tea and knit ;) I think last night I even dreamt someone called me a granny,…


Big Blue Beast

And yet I begin this post with a picture that’s all about red! Not much has happened lately, I’m basically hooked on Dexter Season 4 (yup, still need to catch up!) and knitting, of course. It’s not that busy at…


The colours are changing

Autumn finally has began. I’m not sure if I’d either love or hate autumn. I definitely love the colours, the forest and the trees in autumn


Models wanted!

I’ve been going through some old files tonight and I realized how much I miss photographing people. I’m just getting a bit sick of the selfportraits and ready to start something new! I also edited some old pictures I took…


Your voice has stolen my soul

There’s nothing better than checking out the thrift store, find a lot of awesome things and after that to go to the studio and drink a hot cup of tea and listen to the National


Studio :)

Lately I’ve been busy with working, both at de Efteling but also at my new studio :) And today I finally got around to take some pictures. I had some friends helping me with a table and other stuff today…


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