A little dead bird and a pug t-shirt, yes really.

Today I finally had a day off, I spent the day reading and shopping. I bought an amazing pug t-shirt (people who know me, know how much I adore those little ugly creatures ;)) and way too much other stuff as well! When I went home I found this little dead bird on the pavement, it was so tiny! I picked it up to put it in the bushes, afraid that it would be crushed under someone’s feet otherwise. Sure, it will most likely get eaten by a cat or dog anyway, but still, I couldn’t bare the thought of seeing it crushed on the pavement! It was so soft and light, and still warm too! It had probably died 30 minutes or so ago.
I haven’t been doing much interesting, only work work work!

The amazing pug shirt, gotta love sale! Also bought the denim blouse, it has a flower print. Not sure if I’ll keep it though, it’s a bit tight at the arms, but it was the last one (sale again, yes). I keep buying tons of clothes while I hardly have the time to wear them! I wish I had a job where I could wear my own clothes :(

And yes that pug is wearing a tiny hat and a bowtie :D

Bought new headbands for 50 cents :D Yes my hair looks unwashed, that is because it’s in desperate need of a wash ;) It looks really fried as well but I also bought a new conditioner today! Hopefully it will look better soon ;)

I have tons of those headbands, I love them so much. Too bad they make my head hurrrrt though :( And I also got new glasses, they were really cheap as I bought the frame at Claire’s for only 2 euro! (Glasses were 30), it’s ridiculously big though! And really reddish.. but I still like them! Not sure if I’d wear them often but still :P (And yes I look like Quasimodo on that picture, it looks so weird haha!)

Big party at work last week, wasn’t very exciting, but I took some pictures. I liked this one :)

Using Christmas decoration as a headband is the best thing ever ;) I wouldn’t go outside looking like that, but it’s still nice on a picture. Been wanting to use it since.. Christmas, really -_-

A last picture of the little poor bird! That’s it for today guys, see you later ;)



  1. July 22, 2010 / 17:31

    ; A ; Poor birdie! At least he’s in a better place now ; n ;
    Either, way, this was such a pretty post, I’m glad you picked up birdie from the pavement!
    Also, you look lovely in those pictures! That haircut looks trully lovely on you.
    ; u ;

    ~ Orphin’s Domains ~

  2. August 3, 2010 / 05:38

    Ohh poor little bird! :[ I love the christmas deco as a headband and your pug shirt. P.S. I’m glad you found me. I’ll follow your blog here, too!

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