359 days left!


The ‘365 days’ project is going well! I’m on the 6th day today, I took this picture for today! I went to the Ikea to buy some bookshelves and also bought this beautiful fabric. When I got home (quiet late) this idea just popped into my head! Sometimes it’s hard to make something creative everyday, even after 6 days. I mean it’s really hard to create something every single day, 365 days long. Some days you just don’t feel like doing anything, or you’re just tired, or you just don’t have any inspiration at all. Yet you do have to take that inspiring, creative selfportrait. I don’t think every selfportrait will be very creative, but I do love the project. I love it because this way I keep productive and I really like the stuff I’ve created so far. :) I probably wouldn’t have made some things if it weren’t for this project, most of them turned out suprisingly nice.
Also if you want to keep track of my project, you can look here everyday! :)
This week is going to be busy, tomorrow I might go to Amsterdam (not sure yet though), Wednesday I have my exams resit, which basically means that if I finally get a good grade on my project, I’ve graduated from artschool! Needless to say I’M SO NERVOUS OMG! So, Thursday my parents and brother are coming to my town, so I can finally show them the city after 4 years. On Friday I have a birthdayparty of a good friend of mine and hopefully Saturday a small, last mine graduationparty for my family? But ofcourse I’m not sure about that.. Can’t wait for Wednesday to be over D: (If I pass, that is, if I don’t I never want it to be Wednesday lol!)
Also my hair is freaking greasy, I haven’t washed it in a week.. well not with shampoo that is. Like I said in my previous blog, I’m on the ‘no poo’ diet, which basically means you’re only washing your hair with conditioner. But it’s looking so gross and I really need to get my roots done.. ugh. Might just wash it in a few days anyway, can’t handle it anymore :P

Yesterday’s ‘365’ picture!


Working on schoolstuff in the middle of the night! (2AMish?)

I could start an animal shelter, I think. This is Ming Shu, a kitty of a friend of mine! Right now I’m babysitting Mao, an other cat from another friend ;) But now I’m babysitting Ming Shu AND Dunny (a bunny!) too. Boy oh boy, I do love animals :P

I have lived here at Mao’s place (the kitty, obviously :P) for 2 weeks now and have cooked almost everyday. I feel so healthy.. except today, I ate fries at Ikea.

I’m so tired right now but I need to get more schoolwork done! I need to finish the typography of the pictures.. I suck so hard at typography, I hate it with a passion :(



  1. August 18, 2009 / 10:22

    I love every singly one of these photos SO MUCH :D

  2. August 29, 2009 / 17:54

    Ik ben ook met zo’n 365-dagen project begonnen, het ligt alleen nu een beetje te vergaan en lang niet alle foto’s zijn ook genomen. :P

  3. Chris
    September 27, 2009 / 16:42

    Jouw foto’s geven mij een zalig gevoel!! Haha.

    Keep up the good work.

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