Known as Angélica, a 20-something aspiring photographer and illustrator, but so far I’ve only made money with latte art… *ba dum tssh* I’m obsessed with foggy forests, the colour red, traveling (obviously), taking selfies of my back, tea, cats, British panel shows, food, photography and so on and on. Based in The Netherlands, always on a tight budget and thus a big fan of Europe’s budget airlines like RyanAir. Who knew traveling could be so cheap? I took my first ever solo trip in 2013 to Edinburgh and am obsessed, with both Edinburgh and traveling, ever since! Now most of the time I’m desperately trying to find some time and money to go on a little adventure.

This blog has been around for many years now, but it’s been the first time in those many years that I’m writing a page like this! The name Fernweh Forevermore is because I just wanted to have a name because that’s cool, and I like the word Fernweh, and I also like the word forevermore. Tadaa! Fernweh Forevermore was born. Admittedly it’s a little cheesy, but I guess I’m a sucker for cheesy things. Like cheese. Yum!

It used to be a personal blog with random pictures about everything, but as I discovered traveling, it turned more and more into a blog where I just posted my travel pictures. I enjoy blogging (not so much writing though, but I do love sharing my pictures) and thought it was time for a change! The blog needed a direction to go to, so now it will be a little more travel related. I intend to write boring posts that you’ve already read everywhere else and most of all post lots of pictures! Yas!


2 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. Hi Angelica! Ik volg jouw Blog volgens mij al 4 jaar. Echt coole mooie sfeervolle fotos!
    Ga door! Ik blij je volgen


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